Your Bethlehem

Throughout Bible history, a divine destiny and special anointing rested upon the town of Bethlehem. It was in Bethlehem that Ruth the Moabitess, a young widow facing a bleak future, was redeemed by Boaz – a foreshadowing of Christ’s saving grace redeeming us out of our sin and slavery, transporting  us into new life.Then it was in Bethlehem that Christ was born, angels, shepherds and kings testifying that “the King is born.” In tumultuous times of political unrest and through a labor-class family oppressed and despised, Light came into the world, and “our eyes beheld the salvation of the Lord.”

But at one point in history, Bethlehem was captured by the forces of darkness. In 2 Samuel 23 we find that “The garrison of the Philistines was in Bethlehem” and King David’s mighty men launched a daring raid just to bring him a drink from its well.

Leanna Cinquanta and Gaurav Srivastava

Leanna and disciple/assistant Gaurav dressed up like soldiers and delivered a similar message as the concluding challenge during the 2020 Network Conference in December.

When I look out at the amazing team of native leaders the Lord has raised up through the nurture and support of TellAsia, I am humbled and awed. These are truly mighty men and women of God, risking their lives for their King and for their homeland. They suffer continual hardships in the quest to reclaim this land that belongs to God, and together we are seeing thousands of souls turn to Christ and hundreds of children provided a brighter future.

What about you? America, England, Canada and the nations which at one time were such strong and vibrant beacons of Christian faith to the world, are Bethlehems which have been illegally occupied by the forces of darkness. This Christmas, I bring you this challenge: Amidst your joy and celebrations with family and friends, please remember that your beloved nation is under siege from the forces of darkness. God has equipped you with His Word and His Spirit – ample weaponry by which to reclaim the ground. As we head into the New Year 2015, will you make a commitment to be a mighty man or woman for God? Will you take risks to bring God’s love to those around you, or to take a stand for Biblical principles? The King is longing for water from Bethlehem. Will you give Him a drink?

~ Leanna Cinquanta
International Director, TellAsia Ministries

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