Tribal Outcastes Transformed

Kamal Sharma is our Zone Leader of Zone 7. In Raibareli District he has witnessed immense transformation of lives by the Word of God. Below is the story:

In the small village of Semelee in Chauraha Block lives a nomadic tribal group known as Banjara. The population of the Banjara in this village is about 350 people and most of them are uneducated and oppressed. They are not even permitted to comingle with the higher class people and generally reside on the outskirts of the village.

When Kamal came to know about the village he decided to visit and share the Good news with them. He was taken aback to see the terrible conditions of the people. They were living their lives in the shadow of sickness, poverty and illiteracy. Moreover no one had ever shared with them about our Redeemer Jesus Christ. The majority of men in the village didn’t work but made home-brewed liquor and whatever they earned they squandered on their various types of addiction. The ladies, being totally dependent on their husbands for income, were miserable, deprived, and unable to take care of the families. The children were not attending school and the tribe was not aware of proper hygiene. The ladies even didn’t have proper cloths to wear and took baths in the open area and their children roamed naked in the village.

Kamal in one of village

Kaml with some of the Banjara families

At first when Kamal told them that he is a follower of Jesus and shared with them about Jesus the villagers did not want to listen. However he regularly visited and shared the word of God while also teaching them the importance of cleanliness and why ladies must take a bath in covered place, children must go to school and men must not be alcoholics but work a proper job and support their families.

All his efforts paid off and the Banjara’s lives began to change. Realizing that the drunken state of their husbands was unacceptable, the ladies smashed their husbands’ liquor shops and demanded that their husbands look for real work. In June nearly 50 families accepted Christ and are now growing in their understanding and practice of the Word of God. The families started sending their children to school and they now understand the importance of cleanliness and proper dress. Now the husbands are also working as laborers in the field instant of making liquor.

Kindly pray for the Banjara tribals of Semelee Village, that they will continue to grow in Christ. There is a need for clothing as the people lack availability of clothing, especially the ladies.

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  1. This is a thrilling true story! I love to hear of transformations of whole communities especially when the people were unloved and uncared for and despised. What I love is to see the changes come from within the community. The teaching and training and inspiration of relationship with Jesus is making such a huge different to these Banjara people. That the children go to school, and the wives empowered and the husbands are getting paid jobs – what a difference!!! God bless them all and the workers there, especially Kamal who has lead this work.

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