Two little girls in an Indian village. One was saved. The other became a slave.

Read a touching excerpt from the book Treasures in Dark Places.

Human trafficking and child slavery are commonplace in India and Nepal.

Treasures in Dark Places book by Leanna Cinquanta

Each year over 25,000 girls

are trafficked over the border between India and Nepal. They are forced into sex slavery or made into domestic or factory workers.

Child Slavery and Trafficking in north India

The Solution to child slavery, trafficking and abuse

  • Educating Parents

    Our anti-trafficking drama teams teach parents how to keep their kids safe. We are ending child slavery and trafficking one village at a time.

  • Educating Children

    Our rural children’s centers equip needy children with the tools they need to stay safe and have a brighter future.

  • Physical Aid to Children

    In situations of extreme poverty, we provide nutrition, clothing and other necessities, lifting children out of malnutrition and physical danger.

A gift of as little as

can save a child from slavery and trafficking.

Pardeep was almost ready to accept a man’s offer of “domestic employment” for his 13-year-old daughter when our traveling drama team came to his village. Pardeep learned just in time that his daughter would not be babysitting, but tortured into sex slavery!

As little as $9 enables our anti-trafficking drama team to reach 48 more parents like Pardeep, thus stopping trafficking and slavery before it happens.

What does $9 buy in India?

Anu’s only garment is a threadbare hand-me-down marred with stains and tears. She feels sad when she sees other children wearing bright new clothes.

Your gift of $9 enables us to provide a new dress to a child like Anu.

What does $9 buy in India?

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