Temple to Church!

Rajan was a Hindu priest and was very devoted to the gods and goddesses. Nevertheless there was no peace in his life and for seven years he searched for the God who could give him peace. He visited many gurus and pilgrimage places but was tormented by a sense of spiritual emptiness. He started building a temple to the monkey god Hanuman. The brick and mortar structure was almost finished and Rajan put in the ordered for the idols to be built. There was no other temple in that village so the whole community was anxious to have it completed.

Rajan was ready to install the idols when one of TellAsia’s native leaders, Pastor Sanjeev, shared the Gospel with him. Rajan asked many questions and had a long discussion with Sanjeev, who showed him from the scripture that Jesus is the true giver of peace. When Rajan realized this then he repented and gave his life to Jesus.

Rajan and his Sanjeev by the unfinished temple

From that day Rajan stopped all construction on the temple. The villagers were very upset and repeatedly pressured him to complete the temple, but he didn’t.  Whenever he attended church, people barred his path and insulted him for becoming a follower of Jesus. Sometimes they also beat him and he was unable to sleep at night for fear of losing his life. Nevertheless he started sharing his testimony and when his family members saw the change in him they gave their lives to Jesus too.

For the past ten years through hard work and dedication Rajan has led many people to Christ and some of them have become leaders too. Rajan and his disciples are taking the Gospel to remote areas and have planted 20 village churches. On the same site where he had built the temple, he is now preparing to build a church! Please pray for him and his ministry.

Gaurav and Vincent, Office Managers, Lucknow, India


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