Swords and Chariots

The rapid growth of the Gospel work makes large-scale distribution of the Word of God an urgent priority. This past year thanks to the partnership of Voice of the Martyrs and others, we were able to provide over 11,000 Bibles to new believers. When the people hear the Gospel and see that Jesus has the power to miraculously heal their diseases and to deliver them from demons, they accept Him as their Lord and Savior. However in order for their faith to grow strong, it is essential for them to start reading and studying the Word of God for themselves.
We have distributed the Bibles to the neediest believers who cannot afford to buy their own but who hunger to know the Word of God. Below is only one of many testimonies coming to us from leaders and pastors.

“I am very thankful to the Lord and those who have contributed towards the distribution of Bibles. Due to poverty in the villages it is very difficult to afford the cost of a Bible for the lower class families. So by providing Bibles to these people we are equipping them with the Word of God. I am very thankful to TellAsia Ministries for providing us the Bibles. Praise the Lord.” ~ Badri Prasad

As Bibles are necessary for the new believers to grow in their faith, so bicycles are also needed for pastors and leaders to bring the Gospel to new villages. 70% of the population lives in villages and uses cycles as their transportation. Many are from the poorer classes and are not able to afford a cycle. For a pastor, evangelist or church planter a cycle is his most valuable tool second only to his Bible. It enables him to reach those places where even motorcycles and cars cannot go, especially in the remote village areas where there are sometimes no roads at all. 

One of many testimonies:

Pradeep is a pastor and a good networker. He has strong faith in the Lord and is the leader of his district. He has planted 15 churches in his area. Every day he visits at least one village. Some of the churches are about 10-15 km from his home, so he travels by bus or train but sometimes it becomes very difficult for him as he has very little money. We gave him a bicycle and the very same day he received the cycle he went and preached in a village and three new believers came to Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord.

Please pray for the pastors and leaders of north India, who are working hard to expand the Kingdom of God. Pray for the new believers that they may grow in their faith and become even more active in sharing the Gospel in their villages.

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