Strategic Advance!

Maps are essential in life. For many years I kept several maps in my car and referred to them constantly on cross-country treks in the USA while speaking in churches and sharing about the ministry work. Nevertheless, finding an exact location was sometimes difficult and I made a good number of U-turns. Four years ago I made the best investment of my life – a GPS! This hi-tech map system has reduced the stress in my life by 90%!

When we are serious about expanding God’s Kingdom it makes sense to use a hi-tech map so that we don’t make U-turns but can aim straight for the goal. Over the past two years TellASIA’s office helpers in Lucknow and Varanasi—Rajesh, Kamal, Ashish and Maneesh—have worked hard to collect and enter data about all the village pastors and churches in the remote locations. With the guidance of Maneesh, an expert with the complicated mapping software called ArcView, we were able to format and generate maps from this data! The below map, generated directly from the data, shows where there is almost no gospel work (light yellow areas). This allows us to work even more strategically in the days to come!

WE NEED YOU! If you are not yet a sponsor, you are invited to become a part of the action! $25/month enables us to train another pastor. $50/month provides half the monthly salary for a village church planter/ evangelist.

THANK YOU for your help!

~ Leanna Cinquanta

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