Stepping into New Life

Pastor Lalman writes: “I have been serving the Lord for the past six years in the small village of Gopalapur, Jaunpur. My church meets under a thatched roof and 38 believers were regularly coming for worship and prayer. My church has a mixture of Chamars and Dhobi people groups who work as either laborers in the fields or household servants. They all come from very poor backgrounds and barely manage to feed themselves and their families. Despite all the hardships, they regularly come for prayer and worship each Sunday.

‘My believers had been praying for a very long time for drinking water facility. Since they are of lower caste, people of higher caste do not allow them to take water from the public water taps, wells and hand pumps in the village. The situation in my village is so bad that the people are not even allowed to drink water or wash their clothes at public hand pumps. One day pastor Harendra Kumar of TellASIA Ministries visited us for conducting a training program in my church. We talked to him about this and through him we applied for a hand pump. We waited at the feet of the Lord for this request to be fulfilled. Within a few weeks, they conducted a survey and installed a hand pump in our church campus. Now all our church members can happily use the water without any hindrance and obstruction. Not only this, but many new seekers even from the higher castes are coming to the church every Sunday to seek peace with God and help with their needs. We happily welcome them into our church. Due to this hand pump installation, the membership of my church has gone up from 38 to 88 new believers! Last month in April, I was able to baptize 50 new believers. Thus TellASIA Ministries is helping to raise the profile of the persecuted church here in North India.”

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