Rescuing Himalayan Kids

On Dec 22nd  TellAsia’s director Leanna Cinquanta and our Nepal coordinator Amar embarked on a two-day dirt bike journey into the remote mountains to personally visit some of the children that TellAsia rescued from a trafficker in May of 2018. We met with them at the school where TellAsia sponsors their education. Watch the video below!

The Back Story…

In May 2018 TellAsia’s Nepal coordinator Amar rescued 33 children who had been taken by a trafficker. Below is the two-part video story of their rescue (part 1) and enrollment in the best schools in their area (part 2).

Part 1 – rescue of 33 trafficked children – May 2018
Part 2 – getting them enrolled in school

The amazing rescue was also featured on CBN and Charisma News.

When you support TellAsia Ministries, you’re helping to rescue kids like these, provide education to other kids who are at high risk due to extreme poverty, and train entire villages how to stop traffickers and keep their kids safe.

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