The Poisonous Hub

Throughout all Asia, India has been termed the “poisonous hub” of sex trafficking. Dense population coupled with rampant corruption contribute to the almost insurmountable task of combating the lurid business of buying and selling children.

TellAsia is combatting this atrocity on multiple fronts.

India is the destination of thousands of trafficked girls every year - the poisonous hub of trafficking in asia

Children’s Homes

From misery to joy

In the Gangetic Plain region of North India it is estimated that there are 30 million children who are malnourished, uneducated, and who face a miserable future. Without intervention, they are destined to a life of poverty and exploitation.

Blue Haven Children’s Home is an oasis of joy and laughter. Rescued just in time, our girls and boys are receiving a top quality upbringing and are now becoming leaders. From illiteracy and hopelessness, these children are now A students, fluent in English, and confidently lead Sunday school and teach other children the many skills they have learned.

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Anti-Human Trafficking

Putting an end to abuse

India has been termed Asia’s “poisonous hub” of sex trafficking.The border region between India and Nepal supplies girls to cities throughout Asia. At least 25,000 girls are trafficked annually.

TellAsia’s awareness initiative is systematically cutting off child trafficking. Our social worker/dramatists travel village to village drawing large crowds who learn how to keep their children safe from traffickers. We train 12,000 villagers each month.

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Rescuing Abandoned Children

From the brink of destruction

In order for a girl to get married in India, often an exorbitant dowry is demanded by the boy’s family. Girls born into impoverished families are often viewed as a burden and a liability. Some families abandon their girls to die.

TellAsia supports the rescue and nurture of abandoned, unwanted and orphaned children. We also arrange for some to be placed with loving adoptive families.

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Our Impact

Children saved from abusive situations
People trained to stop human trafficking


Help us get to them before the traffickers do.