Race to Sustainability!

Imagine a city with the population of Los Angeles but which has no high quality Christian school! For many years we’ve prayed and worked to establish such a school and Blue Haven School is now up and running! It offers a magnificent, spacious facility and a top notch staff of well-educated teachers. Children’s lives are already being transformed:

“Somanand is in Second Grade at our Blue Haven School. His father Balwinder is an electrician and his mother is a homemaker. When Somanand first came to Blue Haven School he was entirely illiterate and could speak no English. Today after not quite a year, through the hard work and dedicated instruction of the Blue Haven teachers, Somanand can write in both Hindi and English. He is also now starting to talk in English and his behavior has changed from unruly to obedient and attentive.”

“Mohit is in Second Grade. His father Satpal is a landless laborer and works long hours struggling to meet the needs of his wife, two sons and daughter. Mohit was shabby and untidy when he first stepped into our school. His writing looked more like triangles and strange shapes than letters. Today Mohit can read and write. He can now recite poems, sings English songs and prays in English. He also interacts with his teachers and participates in quizzes, games and sports.”

This is only a beginning! We still need your help at Blue Haven School. Here are a few things we urgently need, which you can provide or contribute towards:

  •  LIBRARY: The big library hall is currently EMPTY without a single book. $50 enables us to purchase about 15 books for the library.
    Goal: 2,000 books.
  •  COMPUTER LAB: The computer lab is also empty! $500 enables us to purchase a desktop computer.
    Goal: 20 computers.
  • PAY OFF THE BUILDING:$140,000 will make the 17,000 sq.ft. Blue Haven School facility debt free. Help us pay it off!
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