Pray for Dolma!

Dolma is one of our lovely girls at Blue Haven Children’s Home. She came to us in 2007 from a very remote part of India called Zanskar, near the Indo-China Border. In April 2010 she became sick and we took her to the hospital. After many lab tests she was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. We were surprised because she had shown no symptoms of illness and seemed to be a very happy and healthy child.

She was hospitalized for a week and given the best treatment. Despite receiving the prescribed medication throughout the summer, in August she again began to have trouble breathing and we took her to the hospital in the middle of the night. The examination showed that one of her lungs had a bubble of carbon dioxide in it and was not functioning properly. The doctor put a tube inside her lung to take out the carbon dioxide. The tube was in for six days and the X-rays showed daily improvement. After the tube was removed we provided Dolma continuous medication and checkups throughout 2011. By the end of the year there was no more infection and she was feeling completely back to normal. She started going to school and even went on a vacation to South India with Leanna.

We took her for regular medical checkups and as of February 2012 we thought she was fully healed. But when we took her for a checkup again in June, the doctors found that one of her lungs was completely damaged and the second lung had only 40% funcunal capacity. The doctor immediately referred her to King George Medical College, the best TB hospital in our city of Lucknow.

Presently Dolma is in the Hospital

On June 13th Dolma was admitted to the hospital and since then she has been undergoing treatment and examinations and is on oxygen. The doctors said that there are 3 stages in tuberculosis: Primary, Secondary and Final. Dolma is going through the final stage but we believe that God will heal her and she will be a normal child. A test of the mucus from the lungs is the best way to diagnose active TB in the body. This report will come back in about 45 days and then the doctor will make a decision which medicine to prescribe. Until then Dolma is receiving a general antibiotic.

We ask you to pray for Dolma’s complete healing.

~ Ricky Srivastava

Director, Children’s Home

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