Leanna visits our rescued kids in remote Himalayas – Dec. 2018

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In May 2018 TellAsia Ministries’ native coordinator Amar heroically challenged a repeat trafficker and rescued 33 kids. The trafficker had tricked their parents – impoverished remote mountain villagers – into thinking he was planning to put them in school. Though a school is near their village, the parents couldn’t afford the fees.
After rescuing the children, TellAsia also sponsored the fees so the children could go to school. IN December Leanna, director of TellAsia, traveled with Amar by plane and motorbike two days journey to visit the children in their school.
TellAsia needs your partnership to continue helping these and many more underprivileged children in the most remote and needy areas off the world.

Trafficked Children Rescued! Part 2 – their village, school

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In May 33 children were trafficked from a remote Himalayan village and in June TellAsia’s coordinator risked his life to rescue them. Just today, he got back to enough civilization to be able to send through an update… experience these amazing real-life clips from villages deep in the mountains and children whose eyes are bright with hope even though their surroundings are so primitive. Support TellAsia’s child rescue and education work at https://www.tellasia.org/stoptrafficking/

Trafficked Children Rescued! Part 1

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In May 33 children were trafficked from a remote mountain area of the Himalayas. The trafficker convinced the parents that he was running a children’s home/school and would provide their children a good education. About a month after the children were taken, the parents learned the man had been convicted of child trafficking before but had gotten out of jail by paying a bribe. They realized their children were in grave danger!

Horrified, the parents appealed to TellAsia’s national coordinator who sprang into action. To reach the children he traveled three days and nights by jeep through the rugged Himalayas. At great risks to his own safety and accompanied by only one helper (a government social worker), he arrived at the location and challenged the trafficker.

The children were being kept in dismal conditions, with six children forced to sleep in one bed. The trafficker had lofty plans for these children: The boys’ organs would be harvested in south India. The girls would be sent to urban brothels. Some of the girls had already been abused. One girl was so traumatized she couldn’t speak a word.

The children hadn’t eaten a proper meal in many days. Our coordinator took them to a restaurant and while waiting for their food, they sang a song about their longing to learn English and get a good education. The children became happy as they realized they were in safe hands. Now the children are back home with their parents and the trafficker along with three others are in police custody and facing trial and imprisonment.

TellAsia hopes to bring an even more joyful end to this story – by enabling the children to fulfill their dreams of getting an education. We have taken the step of faith to enroll them in good schools and have provided their initial needs – books and school uniforms. However the children need sponsors in order to keep them enrolled and keep them safe from future exploitation.

Lack of education and poverty are the primary factors leading to child trafficking in India and Nepal. TellAsia’s solution is to provide education and trafficking awareness programs for rural children. In this way we ending trafficking one village at a time. Help provide anti-trafficking awareness and education to these and other needy children at https://www.tellasia.org/stoptrafficking/