With over half the world’s population residing in this comparatively tiny geographic area of Asia, there is a shortage of schools. With great nations such as India and China rising to become superpowers in world affairs, educating a new generation in Asia is of utmost importance. Nevertheless some regions of India suffer from some of the highest rates of illiteracy, with half the population unable to read and write in their local language. Corruption, poverty, the caste system and low quality of public schools result in high percentages of children who drop out of school or who attend for a few years but never acquire basic skills.

TellAsia’s primary activities include remedying this urgent need. See some of our interventions below:


St. John’s School

650 students, fully self-sustaining



Blue Haven School

under construction, opening in 2016

In addition to providing its students an excellent education, Blue Haven School is projected to generate income enabling the rescue, nurture and education of orphaned, abandoned and other high-risk children.