Kavita is from the remote village of Gadar. She has two sisters and their father works hard but cannot even afford to give his children a meal three times a day. Sometimes they only get one meal a day. Most of the time the family has no money left to pay for school fees. But Kavita wanted to study. She heard that TellAsia’s Rural Education and feeding program was going to start in her village. Her parents told her that she would now receive education as well as a daily meal. She was very happy that now she would be able to study and get a good meal each day. Now her dream is coming true. She is so happy she can hardly express her feelings in words.

Kavita and her father

Kavita and her father

Kavita says:

“Before the education center started in my village, I was not able to read anything but now I can read. My father used to be grumpy all the time because he had no son, only three daughters. But now he is proud of me. He can’t read so he asks me to read the newspaper to him. Now our whole family is happy.”


illiteracy rate in rural areas


illiteracy rate in rural areas
Children growing up illiterate


children growing up illiterate


Eliminate child illiteracy in
more villages by the year 2020
Eliminate child illiteracy in


more villages by the year 2020

Education centers can completely change the future of children such as these impoverished children of brick kiln workers.

The northern Ganges River region of India ranks alongside Africa as some of the worst illiteracy in the world today. Many villages have no school, and those schools which exist are inferior. With little oversight due to the remote location combined with corruption, teachers are often absent, or do not teach, or abuse the children. This results in an estimated 30 million children lacking an education. Without the ability to read and write they are doomed to a life of misery and exploitation.

TellAsia has established over 90 rural education centers where impoverished children are receiving foundational education including reading, writing, basic mathematics and spiritual guidance from the Bible.

Our big vision

is to launch hundreds more education centers, eliminating illiteracy in the next generation one village at a time.

A girl in one of our education centers reciting her lesson.


“The most Christ-like act a person can do in this life is give Jesus and a bright future to a child who has no hope.”Leanna Cinquanta
leanna cinquanta with children rescued out of high-risk pre-trafficking situations