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30 Million to 3

In the Gangetic Plain region of North India it is estimated that there are 30 million children who are malnourished, uneducated, and who face a miserable future. If not helped, many will grow up to be prostitutes on the streets or will end up in abusive environments. Without intervention, they are destined to a life of poverty and exploitation. This border area between India and Nepal is also a hotspot of human trafficking with thousands of children’s lives destroyed through the sex trade.

Yesterday’s Castaways; Tomorrow’s Leaders!

In July 2005, we launched Blue Haven Children’s Home. Of our 33 children, five have graduated and 28 remain between ages twelve and eighteen. Every child we take in is being equipped not just to survive, but to thrive both spiritually and physically.

The Blue Haven children are studying good urban schools, have their own computers, and have come to know and love the Lord. Blue Haven Children’s Home is a haven of hope and peace filled with singing and joy. It is truly a lighthouse in the middle of the darkness of the Gangetic Plain.


Mrs. Ricky Srivastava is the director of Blue Haven. She is the wife of Rev. Alok, our Regional Director in Lucknow. Ricky herself was raised in a children’s home high in the Himalaya Mountains.Thus she has been well trained and most importantly, her life passion is to rescue more and more children, as she herself was rescued.

Read the gripping story of Neha and Pooja – two little girls whose lives went in opposite directions.

From the book “Treasures in Dark Places” by Leanna Cinquanta

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Every Donation Helps

Every donation helps us provide a bright future for our Blue Haven children. A full year’s support for a child is only $1,100.


Here’s what you’ll receive when you provide a full year’s support for a child:

Monthly personal visits with one or more of the children by Skype or email.

We’ll send you a craft item personally hand-made by the children!