The Problem

The beauty and simplicity of village life in the Gangetic region of India is deceptively beautiful at first glance. But behind the women’s colorful dresses and the culture’s apparent harmony with nature lie unhygienic conditions leading to illness which compounds the problems of poverty, malnutrition and debt among 40% of India’s poor.

clean and accessible water and hygiene education are a key to improving a community's health

Women and children suffer most from lack of water and hygiene. Their work includes preparing fuel from cow dung and carrying buckets of water for cooking and drinking. TellAsia has provided over 200 wells to villagers in which water was scarce. We also teach villagers basic health such as hand washing, dental care and how to boil water for their infants. We have thus improved their overall health and reduced child mortality in hundreds of villages.

lack of hygiene education results in mothers feeding their babies without washing their hands