40% of the population in the Gangetic Plain and Himalaya regions of South Asia live below the poverty line. Many of these are young adults who had no opportunity to receive an education. Though semi-literate, they are capable of learning a skill which enables them to have sufficiency. Thus providing a simple skill to a young adult ends the vicious cycle of poverty which had kept his or her family enslaved to poverty and exploitation for generations.

Carpentry students show off the cabinets they built

Learning the skill of tailoring

In 2004 we established three Sewing Schools. Since that time hundreds of girls have graduated from the sewing schools. This is a dream-come-true for many who otherwise would have no skill and no way to earn an income.

Setup: $500
Operation: $200/mo.

Inaugurating a new tailoring school

Nirmala, one of our sewing teachers says, “There are several sewing centers in the city of Varanasi but it was too far for the villagers to go. Moreover they don’t have enough money to be able to travel into the city every day for the training. But I praise God that TellASIA has opened this sewing school for the village women.”
Soni, one of the students says,“I am thankful to God that TellASIA has helped me to be trained. I belong to a poor family. My parents are not able to pay for my training, but now I was able to receive training.”
Urmila Dube says, “I would like to give thanks for the Sewing Center, because it has given a new hope to my life. I was not qualified to get any job, but this training has equipped me so well that now I may earn my livelihood.”
Sunita says, “Allahabad is the nearest city to my home village of Champtpur but the city is too far for me to go daily for training. There is not even one sewing school anywhere in my county. Moreover I could never afford the tuition for the city schools. But TellASIA gave me training within the price I could afford. I have been trained one year. Now I can stitch almost all kinds of dresses. It gives me a new hope and dimension in my life. In future this will be a great source to maintain my family.”

After obtaining good jobs, this group of vocational school graduates returned to our office to give back some of their earnings as a donation and statement of gratitude.

TellAsia Ministries has provided training to hundreds of young adults who have now either obtained middle-class jobs or started their own small business. These young people and their families have been rescued out of what otherwise would have been a miserable life of malnutrition and slavery.