For lack of as little as $350-$500

in startup capital, families who otherwise could earn a good living subsist in poverty and misery, exploited by others and enslaved to debt. However when provided some coaching in how to run a small business along with funds to get started, even an illiterate village woman can be a successful businessperson.

Liberated from Generations of Poverty

TellAsia has enabled over 200 families to come out of poverty by providing them a small loan along with business training.

Family Businesses

Usually we provide training and the funding to the wife, but the business ends up being a family effort. Businesses include cloth selling, tailoring, operating a general store, a cosmetics store or a vegetable market or raising goats.

These tiny businesses often more than double a family’s income. Families who couldn’t send their children to a good school are now able to provide them an excellent education ensuring that the next generation will not live in poverty.

Leaders’ wives who start a micro-business thus enable their husband to be more active in the community service work as he no longer has to spend such long hours at his minimum-wage labor job.

tellasia enabled this lady to start her own micro business selling fruit

Unskilled older women are able to operate simple roadside shops. This is a lady we set up in her own fruit business.

Fabric selling was the micro business tellasia enabled this widow to start.

This widow was able to provide for her children after we enabled her to start a cloth business.

the micro business of choice for this family was raising goats

Goats are a fun and effective way to provide an additional income stream for rural families.