A Ripe Harvest

Patrick Johnostone, author of the renowned research manual “Operation World,” wrote “The Gangetic Plain of north India is the touchstone of our success or failure” in reaching the world with God’s love.

With its millions who are subsisting in poverty and slavery, northern India and nearby nations of Asia provide a momentous opportunity to transform lives and communities.

North India

Highest malnutrition and child slavery in Asia

Worst poverty in all Asia

Birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Called “the graveyard of Christianity”

Hosts the largest gathering of humanity in the history of the world*

* Hindu festival called the Maha Kumbh Mela.

Our Impact

Leaders trained

Families empowered

Our Projects

Youth Ministries

Investing in the Future

Youth and young adults are the future of the world. TellAsia is committed to nurturing and empowering the next generation of young people who will be morally upright leaders of their communities.

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Preparing Leaders

Discipleship for believers and Biblical training for leaders are an essential part of improving the quality of life for individuals and communities.
As people grasp the life-giving concepts of the Bible and deepen their personal relationship with Jesus, they bring joy, peace and higher standards to their communities. Husbands are delivered from alcoholism and redirect their income to feeding and educating their children. Faces go from dreary to glowing with the joy and the peace of Heaven

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Micro Business

From Poverty to Sufficiency

40% of the population of northern India is below the poverty line, subsisting on around $30/month. Oppressed by debt and dicrimination, all they need is someone to provide an opportunity to work with their hands and generate an income.

TellAsia provides startup fund for family businesses such as animal husbandry and shop keeping. We also provide skills training to youth in tailoring, screen printing, electronics repair etc.

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Wells and Hygiene

A Healthier Tomorrow

Many villagers have no access to clean water and also do not know basic hygiene. TellAsia provides wells and trains villagers how to prevent disease through cleanliness.

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” By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35

Take Action


$40 enables a native social worker to receive training and resources

Bringing hope to remote villages.