Our Boys Surprised Us

On July 6th Vidisha Foundation in Lucknow organized a drawing competition. The contest theme was ‘Family and Nature’. The contest was open for children aged between 8-15; four of our children from Blue Haven got the opportunity to take part and to create a drawing, expressing their vision for family and nature. Just before the competition children were told about the theme and total timing for completing the drawing was 1 hour. The winning drawing was to be selected by a high official.


We were surprised and thrilled when the names of two of our children were announced as winners out of 700 contestants! Chingri won 1st place and Ngaranch got 2nd place! After the competition both of our children were surrounded by news reporters and were awarded Rs 30,000 ($600) Rs 20,000 ($400) respectively.

Chingri driwing

Chingri’s winning drawing – We thank God for such a victory and it has encouraged all the children in our children’s home.

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