One-of-a-Kind Project!

Moving toward developing a self-sufficient orphanage, based on income from a high-quality Christian school and medical clinic

The unreached Ganges River area of North India still has fewer than 2% Christians and there are 35 million destitute and orphan children with almost no Christian orphanages. Only recently we came to know that a large percentage of the 1.2 million children enslaved in the sex trade in India are being sourced from the backward and illiterate villages around the border of Nepal and Uttar Pradesh. Because we have our native Christian leaders working all throughout this very area, we are poised to rescue these children before they are abused.

By establishing a project that will have no further need of outside funding once the building is up, we are creating a new model that can result in the rescue and nurture of hundreds if not thousands of orphans, offspring of prostitutes, and children at risk of being trafficked. We have an exciting update! Here is some of the progress made on the project so far:

  • 1.7 Acres of prime land were purchased last year on the suburbs of Lucknow, population 4 Million (a cost of $190,000)
  • We are very thankful to EMI, a Christian architectural agency based in Colorado Springs. They arrived on June 12th and worked hard in the hot summer heat about 115 F and very high humidity! After seven days they had developed a conceptual drawing.

Children’s Home Plan

School  Plan

*** The EMI team was excited about our vision for a self-sufficient project. They said, “We do many projects around the world and in many nations but this is the first time we’re seeing a plan for an orphanage that is self-sufficient. We’re impressed with the leadership and vision of TellAsia and their native leaders and encourage you to help make this strategic project a reality”.

  • We thank God for providing $200,000 towards the construction. We aim to begin building in July.

Surveying  the Land

Team Leader explaning conceptual drawing

REMAINING IMMEDIATE NEED:$250,000 is still needed for the construction and setup of Phase One of the school, orphanage and medical clinic. Total budget for Phase One is $450,000 and includes accommodation for 50 orphans plus staff, school facility up to 5thgrade, and medical clinic.

FUTURE GROWTH: As the project grows, each year classrooms will need to be added. As income grows, we’ll also be able to take in more orphan children and will need to add a second level on the children’s home facility. Total future capacity: 100 orphan children and 800-1,000 paying Hindu and Muslim students who will be exposed to the Gospel and the love of Christ. We want to thank those of you who have contributed to this project. Please pray for the final funds for Phase One – $250,000 – to come in within the next 6-8 months.

~ Dr. Leanna Cinquanta

International Director

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