New Rural Education Centers

Since 2007 TellAsia Ministries has been running 79 rural education centers in our Varanasi region. Through these simple and efficient outreaches thousands of children have learned to read and write while also coming to know Jesus. Now we’re excited to be launching rural education in Lucknow Region.
On Feb. 3rd we organized a teacher training for new centers which are scheduled to open in 13 different locations. The training was held at our Life Center facility in Lucknow. We selected believers having ample education and passion to work with children to come for the training program. Along with orientation and training we provided the teachers educational resources including storytelling flip charts, Biblical calendars, portable blackboard, notebooks, pencil box, Alphabet book etc.

How to teach story to the kids

Each center will have an average size of 35 to 40 kids. In addition to reading, writing and arithmetic, children learn stories from the Bible, Biblical characters and children learn Christian songs. Out of the 13 proposed rural education centers to be opened this year, we launched one in January while the rest will start operating in February.
This year through these and other existing education centers we have a target to reach 10,000 children with the gospel of Jesus Christ and lift them out of illiteracy giving them a brighter future.

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