Miracle Baby!

David, our executive Indian leader in Varanasi, his wife Renu and their adopted daughter Aradhana have just received the miraculous answer to a 15-year-long prayer. As a teenager Renu contracted Tuberculosis. Though she is now well, the disease rendered her unable to conceive. She had a tubular pregnancy and almost died twice. They resigned themselves to the acceptance that Aradhana, whom they adopted as an infant, would be their only child.

But Aradhana wasn’t so easily satisfied. She wanted a baby brother or sister! With the faith that only a child can have, Aradhana prayed every day and believed that God was going to give her a baby brother or sister to help raise. David and Renu are some of our most valuable team members and precious native leaders, and through the generous contributions of several donors, in 2011 Renu underwent a procedure that enabled her to conceive. However her condition was very sensitive requiring almost complete bed rest throughout the nine months of her pregnancy.

Baby Roshni and Aradhana 

On May 23rd Aradhana’s prayer and David and Renu’s dream came true as Renu gave birth to a healthy baby girl! CONGRATULATIONS to the new parents, and to Aradhana whose prayer was answered. She now has a baby sister to help raise. Thanks to all of you who have prayed for David and Renu and for the amazing work they lead in the difficult eastern region of the Ganges River area.

~ Dr. Leanna Cinquanta

International Director

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