Miracle Baby and Burns Healed!

Miracle Baby

My name is Pastor Rajendra. The Lord has been using me to minister the Gospel in Sonbhadra District. I would like to share a recent testimony about a woman who lives in my area.

Anita and her husband live in a small remote village. An evil spirit often tormented Anita and sometimes it threw her around the room. They had seven daughters but no son. In the village culture it is considered a curse if a family is poor and has many daughters but no son. The father has to go deeply into debt to pay the dowry to get his daughters married. Every daughter is considered a liability, whereas a son brings wealth to the family. So the villagers mocked and shunned the family and people from other areas said the village must be cursed. Anita and her husband desperately wanted a son so that the family’s name could be carried on and so the village people would respect them.

In June 2010 a neighbour who knew about the situation brought Anita and her husband to my church. After listening to her plight, I requested the congregation to pray earnestly for them. Immediately a lady stood up and began to pray. She prayed that Anita’s family would turn to the Lord so He could forgive their sins, break all the curses off of them and grant them the gift of a baby boy.

On May 11th 2011 something incredible happened which forever changed the minds and hearts not only of the family members but also of the entire village. Anita and her husband were blessed with a baby boy! This miracle shattered all the myths and superstitions surrounding the family and the village. People came from nearby villages to see the infant and to congratulate the proud parents.

Photo: Anita with her baby boy

Now the family is very happy and also a church has been started in Anita’s home. Around 35 people meet every Sunday to worship and sing praises to the mighty God and to testify that there is nothing impossible for Him. The Lord always honours the faithfulness of His servants and grants us more than we could ever desire.


Burns Healed

My name is Pastor Ajay Kumar. Though I am a school teacher, I am also serving the Lord as a pastor in the village of Ratanpur. I have a sister who is a member of my small house church. One day her daughter-in-law Asha was squatting in front of the cow dung fire to cook food, as is common in the village. She turned to get something behind her and her dress caught on fire. No one else was around to help put out the fire. She suffered horrible third degree burns from the waist down. She had been in the hospital for twenty days and was still fighting for her life with terrible pain. She was unable to digest food and vomited anything she tried to eat. Her condition was very critical and the family was in an awful situation not knowing what to do. The doctors were doing all they could but her health was not improving.

I received a phone call from Asha’s parents requesting prayer. When my church members came to know of the situation, the whole congregation proclaimed a solemn fast and wept and cried at the feet of God for Him to touch Asha. We prayed that she would be healed by a mighty miracle. We fasted and prayed three full days for her. On the fourth day, the Lord of Lords and God of all Gods, Jesus Christ touched Asha and healed her by His mighty power and raised her from her death bed. The medicines began to take effect and her pain began to lessen. The doctors were amazed at this incredible healing because from being near death, within a very short time she recovered. Even the doctors in the hospital declared, “Surely God is by her side.”

Soon Asha was discharged from the hospital and was brought home. We continued visiting and praying for her on a regular basis. After a few months, Asha herself came to my church and gave her amazing testimony in front of a packed house.

Today the whole family has become believing members of my church and are faithfully following the Lord. I praise the God of heaven who sits on the throne above. He not only hears our prayers but is always willing and ready to save His children to the utmost if we believe in Him and love Him.

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