Medical Camp for Needy Villagers

A medical team staff of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel along with pastors, evangelists and staff of TellASIA Ministries visited the village of Lathiya in the district of Varanasi on September 8, 2010 to inquire about the health and welfare of the residents due to the outbreak of dengue and malaria. The team found a number of people suffering from malaria. The people were so poor that they could not afford any medical aid for themselves or their children.

We set up a medical and hygiene camp for the poor villagers. The doctors thoroughly examined each patient with great care and prescribed them free medicines. Each patient also received health tonics, vitamins and other supplements free of cost.  They also received education about basic health and hygiene. The people of the village were very thankful to receive the medication which they otherwise could not have purchased themselves.

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