Man Bitten By Snake, Yet Lives!

My name is Chotu Prasad. I grew up in a Hindu family and used to worship many idols. On March 27, while I was working in my field, I was bitten by a poisonous snake. I ran home to get some help and my family and neighbors rushed me to a witch doctor. He did his best to cure me by his magical powers but the pain only grew worse and I began to swoon and felt dizzy. A large crowd had gathered and seeing that the witch doctor had failed, someone shouted, “Call Pastor Shyam! When he prays in Jesus’ name, people get healed!”

Chotu showing the finger that was bitten by the snake

Some people ran to get the pastor from his home. When he arrived, he prayed for me and told me about the Lord Jesus. I believed and put my complete faith in Jesus. After a few moments, the pain began to subside and I began to feel a lot better. After a few hours I was amazed to find I was still alive! I know that it was the Lord Jesus who heard the pastor’s prayer and healed me completely. Even to this day I am alive and well. I am a living testimony to all those around me. Now my whole family has accepted Jesus and we are all preparing to take baptism. I praise God for saving my life and the lives of my family members. This is a miracle indeed and I share this testimony everywhere I go and with whomever I meet. Praise God.

~ Maneesh Massey, Office Manager, Varanasi


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