Living Water

Keith Mersh with Samaritans Projects is partnering with TellASIA Ministries to support to provide wells and micro business to the needy and persecuted Christians. So far 39 wells have been installed. Keith personally comes and ministered for the dedication ceremony of many of these hand pumps. Many non believers attend as well and an average of twenty give their lives to Christ at each program. Some are also miraculously healed of their diseases. Word spreads throughout the village of the healing power of Christ resulting in more people following Christ. During his most recent visit Keith helped baptize 32 of the new believers.

Keith has provided well drilling equipments and half of the funds for the purchases of a pickup truck for both Lucknow and Varansi regions. Thus he has setup to both bore wells teams to be self-sufficient. 69 needy churches have submitted applications and are looking forward to receiving a bore well and hand pump. Pray for Keith as he will be working on raising the funds providing these wells. You can also Sponsor  a well for $600.


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