Life Transformed!

I was brought up in a typical Hindu family. I attended school but found English a very difficult subject. Despite my best efforts I could not master it. When I found out that I didn’t pass my 10th grade examination, I lost all interest in my studies and decided to search for work instead of finishing school.

A friend of mine told me about a Bible training course. She told me I could even get financial support if I successfully completed the course. At this point in my life, I had heard of Jesus yet I did not know Him personally. Yet even though this was a course in the Bible, I thought it might be a good way to get more schooling without needing to work.

I found a local pastor and told him I wanted to enroll in this Bible training course. He asked me if I knew Jesus and then explained what it meant to be a follower of Jesus. I happily decided to accept Jesus as my Lord and to get baptized.

After making all arrangements for me to join the course, my pastor also told me I should focus on my studies and not try to work at the same time. He also encouraged me to repeat my 10th grade examination. He began to pray for me to pass in the subjects I feared the most. I worked very hard. When the results of the exam were published I was absolutely amazed. I had passed with excellent marks!

During the summer holiday I took odd jobs to earn pocket money. The pastor called and told me about an English Language course offered by TellAsia Ministries in another city. The fee was too high for me to afford so I dropped the idea, but the pastor insisted I travel there to enroll anyway. I went reluctantly, knowing I would probably not be selected.

After the interview I was asked to submit the required fee. Since I did not have the money, I felt sad. Then I received a call from a TellAsia leader, who headed the course. He told me to enter and pay whatever I currently had, and then finish paying later in easy installments. His humble attitude and generosity overwhelmed me.

During the two-month intensive English Language course I learned a lot and passed the exams in flying colors! I also took my 12th grade exams and got very high marks. My parents and teachers were very happy with my performance. Today with the help of my pastor I have enrolled in a college to earn my Bachelor of Arts degree. I’m also able to take care of my own expenses as a teacher of English Language in a middle school.

My pastor has also asked me to be his assistant pastor. I conduct church services at several places and have started a few house-based churches in a few of the villages near my home.

All of these blessings and miracles took place in my life because I accepted Jesus as my savior and gave Him the first place in my heart. Glory to Him alone!

by Ashok Kumar

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