Lichis and Elephants

My brief six week visit to India this summer has been exceptionally wonderful. Our team is growing stronger, with both Indian and international team members becoming more specialized and filling increasingly strategic roles. We’ve become closer also as we have recognized the synergy that is created by our teamwork and the value of each one’s God-given gifts and abilities. We’ve also streamlined the administration with improved information flow with more systematic reporting on all projects – from the massive ongoing evangelistic work in the villages, to the multi-faceted children’s and educational projects. Discovering a new unreached area in the Himalayas, riding a village elephant, and eating fresh mangoes and lichis, were just icing on the cake!

Now on July 13th it’s time for me to go back to the US (sigh). I’ll be back in the US through the middle of October and will be ministering in the following areas:
July 17-23 – Wilmington, DE
July 24-27 – Queens, NY
July 28-30 – Rochester, NY
July 31-Aug 11 – Bloomington, IL
Aug 12-18 – Grand Rapids, MN
Aug 19-Sept 1st – Colorado
Sept 2nd-30th – South-East (NC, SC, TN, GA etc)
I hope to see many of you when I’m in your area!

~ Leanna

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