Let’s Go Treasure Hunting!


Along with the book’s publication, Leanna is also starting up her Blog again. Here’s the first post;
Many moons have passed since I posted a blog. Reason: If I spend more than 30mn on something and don’t influence at least 50 people but preferably 500+, I get bored. For this impatience I blame a lifetime of influencing tens and hundreds of thousands in India. More recently, I am influencing millions through an obvious-but-undiscovered techno-strategy. Jump on board and follow this blog; I might reveal it sometime. 🙂

I hold in high esteem those patient souls who spend their lives planting one church or translating the Bible for a tiny tribe of 2,000 people. We laud spiritual gifts such as “prophesy” and “miracles” and “evangelism” but some saints surely have the spiritual gift of “patience!”

I do not have the gift of patience. I have the gift of VISION and STRATEGY and a passion to equip you to conquer dark places for God and for the cause of good. I see impossible mountains and must scale them. I see dark dungeons and must explore them to see if I might find some treasure inside.

If you are inspired by such visionary conquest, then stick around and we’ll have some fun. Let’s go hunt some Ork, baby!

If you’re not the type that is compelled to pursue high goals or to challenge dark places, then you MUST stick around! Your faith will be built, your vision expanded and you’ll discover the pathway to a new and higher purpose!

So, IT’S TIME. I need to blog. So here goes! The first of what I hope will be many, regular, inspiring if not revelatory, entertaining if not life-changing entries.

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Since we’re just getting back into this, I won’t write much this time. There’s lots to catch up on.

Here’s the biggest news:

THE BOOK – long embattled, long-awaited, is now available for pre-purchase! Definitely check that out! Click the image to go to it on Amazon.


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