Land of Joy and Culinary Oddities

Have you ever been in a 10 story church? I hadn’t until this past week. From Aug 22nd through the 28th I had the privilege to minister in the mission’s conference of Wu Chang Church. I loved their joy, freedom in the Spirit and such lively worship. Most impressive to me was their great focus on outreach. The first day of the missions conference was dedicated to the celebration of their seven daughter churches, planted in various areas and people groups around the city. They had made a video reviewing how each church was planted, featured one pastor’s testimony, and concluded with all the members of these churches summoned up on stage for a time of celebration, singing and prayer. The goal of Wu Chang Church is to plant several more churches before 2015.

Leanna with Church leaders in front of the building

It was a joy to minister for these dynamic, on-fire people. The Lord said to me, “Taiwan is a Trojan Horse for Asia.” What this means is God is using this little country to infiltrate and pierce through into many nations of Asia. Since they look Chinese but many speak English, the people are strategically equipped to go anywhere in Asia. They can fit in anywhere, even in India. And, they have caught the vision for raising natives in leadership. The Taiwanese have played a great role in mobilizing the mighty move of God currently going on in China. Now they’re setting their sights on the rest of Asia. We appreciate Wu Chang Church for their partnership with TellAsia, which is helping us to train more native leaders.

One cannot discuss Taiwan without telling about the FOOD. Wow, such wonderful, healthy food I’ve never eaten. And I even overcame my phobia of chopsticks!

Hey, did you know this – every time we Americans dump soy sauce on our Chinese food, the real Chinese (and Taiwanese) laugh at us. Turns out, Chinese food made right is not supposed to need a drop of soy sauce!

These pickled roots looked like something out of Harry Potter!

I would describe Taiwan as a culinary extravaganza of oddities and delights. The oddities? Well in India they worship cobras but in Taiwan they eat them! I saw an entire restaurant where the customer selects a live cobra which is then prepared right there before him. Other oddities, the smell of which can almost be gagging, included intestines, pig stomach, blood made into cakes like Jello, raw squid and fried bugs, all of which the locals put down the hatch without a second thought. Want to see pictures, check out my FB album.

Please pray for Wu Chang Church’s church planting endeavors and for their ongoing partnership with TellAsia.

~ Dr. Leanna Cinquanta,

 International Director

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