Land Ho!

Ever since starting Blue Haven Children’s Home in 2005 in a rented house, we have prayed and looked forward to the day when we would be able to establish a real facility complete with a school. Leanna envisioned a fully self-sufficient pilot project which, due to its ability to generate indigenous funding, would later be replicated, enabling the rescue of hundreds of needy children. However for the past years the vision has been quenched by one big problem: Land in India even 15 miles outside of the city is exorbitantly expensive…to the tune of $200,000-$300,000 for only two acres!

But, God is faithful! Through the sacrificial contribution of the Nayak Foundation and another generous donor, the funds for the land purchase became available in May. Then came the next big challenge; finding appropriate land within the budget. Alok, Gaurav and others searched diligently for days, also taking help from some high-level friends. Eventually they located a parcel. It was about $75,000 less than other nearby plots so we felt a great deal of urgency knowing at any time the owner might raise the price.

On June 18th early morning I arrived in Lucknow and Alok immediately took me out to see the land. Then we drove ahead where he wanted to show me a church building. This only took about 10 mn. As we were returning past the land, we were very concerned to see another man standing exactly where we had been, surveying the very same land plot! Immediately Alok got on the phone. The owner himself didn’t have a phone so he called the owner’s son and arranged to come and meet them that evening, assuring them we would make the down payment even though we still needed to get approval from the major funder of the purchase.

Then in the afternoon Alok was no longer able to reach them as they had switched off the phone! We became very worried so Alok and Pinsu drove to the owner’s house. The children’s home kids had come over for dinner so we got them praying. Meanwhile I phoned our chairperson who had to approve the purchase. She approved the purchase and I called Pinsu, who at the same time was in the meeting with the owner, saying go for the down payment if possible.

Land photo: Satellite View

Everyone waited in suspense. Finally Alok and Pinsu burst in with good news! Indeed, the man whom we had seen standing on the land was the owner of a local jewelry company and had offered A HIGHER PRICE than what we were able to pay and the owner was preparing to sell it to him instead of us. However through much skillful talking and persuasion, Alok managed to get them to return to their original commitment to sell us the land at the agreed upon price.

A few days later, before we could close on the land, again someone tried to buy the land out from under us. Again Alok managed to persuade him to stick with his word and as of July 2nd we closed on the land! This plot is perfect for the 800 student capacity school. We still need to purchase a small road easement and also about 1/3 to 1/2 acre which will constitute the land for the children’s home and hostel. Please pray:
• That the owner of the easement property will sell to us at a reasonable rate.
• That another land owner near or adjoining this plot will sell us the children’s home/hostel land at a reasonable rate.






Leanna with Blue Haven Kids

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  1. This is great news! Good job to everyone involved! Are there options for the additional land that is needed? And is there a “ballpark” figure that it might cost? You all are doing great work!

    1. Hey Kyle,
      Update: We’ve now purchased BOTH land plots and everything is set to start building (except, of course that we need the money to build!) So we’re at last in the second phase of seeing this unique project a reality! Thanks for following it.

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