Kingdom Impact in South Korea

For two weeks in the end of March and into April I was ministering in South Korea. It was an incredible time experiencing yet another nation and mobilizing God’s people to impact the world for our King. I especially appreciated the generosity of our hosts who allowed me to also bring my disciple-assistant Gaurav from India and provided the difficult paperwork to enable us to get his visa. Thus Gaurav had his first experience outside of India, and his first glimpse of a developed nation.

Leanna and Christy Kim, WLI sign behind-s

The people of Korea showed us so much love and we were provided the very best of accommodation and the most incredible array of foods. I was the speaker for three conferences and also ministered in three churches. Many thanks to Pastor Deborah Oh, Dr. Hong and my amazing, anointed translator Christie Kim. It was my test drive of a new series I’d been racing to complete for the past month entitled Kingdom Impact. In it I demonstrate from the Scriptures a new dimension of what it means to be a follower of Christ.

The Kingdom Impact series contains astounding facts that many people may have never heard, or which are almost never discussed in a church environment. Multiplied prayerful  hours have resulted in inspired diagrams and charts that help the audience grasp the life-changing concepts. Of course the participants also loved the gripping personal testimonies and stories from India that I peppered throughout the presentation.

This teaching has the potential to release the long-imprisoned authority of God’s Kingdom citizens. It can result in believers discovering a higher plane of victory and churches transforming their communities and the world. My teaching was received by the other leaders and conference participants with praise and excitement. Some said it was “revolutionary” and “life changing” and others said it was one of the most practical teachings they’ve ever had.

It so happened that the dates of the final conference coincided with the date when South Korea’s government was scheduled to vote on a bill that proposed legalizing gay marriage and other anti-biblical legislation. This created the perfect workshop environment to go along with my teaching! I challenged every person in the hall to sign the petition that was being circulated, and to encourage others to do the same, and counselled the leaders on how to build unity with other churches and Christian networks to multiply their influence. By God’s grace the bill didn’t pas so we won an initial victory, though it will go back on the table at a later date.

South Korea compared to North Korea is a shocking example of how important it is t is that a nation be guided by the principles of God’s government (Kingdom) and God’s constitution (the Bible). As South Koreans now battle to keep anti-Biblical principles out of their country, and as they face constant concern of invasion by North Korea, let us take a lesson and step up to the plate: God’s people are called to action and to impact, not to passive waiting for Jesus’ return. We are here for a purpose, and that purpose is to expand God’s rule in the earth. May He empower, envision and inflame you with joy and passion as you live out your purpose for our King!

~ Leanna Cinquanta

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