Jesus-Style Ministry

The Spirit of God is moving mightily in north India. Each day hundreds and hundreds of people are accepting the Lord and many new emerging leaders are preaching the Gospel and wining more souls for Christ.

Pastor Ram Lal is one of them. He lives in a small village and before accepting Christ he was an idol worshiper. He was a very religious person and had a great faith in his gods. Nevertheless he had no peace in his life and his family, and there were lots of problems and sicknesses in his house. He consulted with many witch doctors, but did not find any solution and so he was very upset and did not know what to do.

In this situation of worries and difficulties, one day he met with a man of God who told him about Jesus and invited him to a prayer meeting. After attending the prayer meeting he felt peace in his heart. He started coming regularly and soon committed his life to Jesus Christ and was baptized. Afterwards his family also started attending the church meetings and received the Lord.

Ram Lal began to go village to village preaching the gospel to the people. Soon he had started a house-based church. While he was doing this many anti-Christians opposed him and tried to stop him from serving Jesus. But the Lord gave him courage and boldness to stand and he continued to serve the Lord. With great passion he continued preaching the gospel, praying for the people and inviting them to receive the Jesus. Currently he is working in three districts and is mentoring 20 young leaders. Together Ram Lal and his disciples lead 16 house-based churches with 50 to 60 members each. Many demon possessed people have been set free and the Lord is doing a marvelous work among them.

Pray for Ram Lal and his leaders so that Lord may use them even more mightily for his Kingdom.

~ Gaurav Srivastava
Assistant to the Director

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