Jesus is Mighty to Save

My name is Kanhaiya Ram. I am from village Durwarshi. I was born and brought up in a Hindu family and lived according to its customs and traditions. Even though I strictly followed every tradition, there was no peace in my life or family.  I used to roam here and there visiting temples and performing rituals in search of peace but could find none. My wife and children often used to fall sick. It seemed in my home someone was always ill and we used up all our money on medicine. We came to the point when there was nothing to eat at home. During this time people used to come and visit us from our village. Our neighbors offered support by giving something to eat for our children.

Pastor Lal Mohar Sharing the Gospel

Meanwhile Pastor Lal Mohar  came and told me to believe in the Lord Jesus and begin to follow Him. He told me Jesus would cause the sickness to stop and would bless me with peace. I told this to my wife and she asked me to invite the congregation to our home and request them to pray for our family.
So one day we invited some believers to our home. They prayed for all our family members and asked the Lord for the forgiveness of our sins. Me, my wife and children surrendered our lives to the Lord and cried for the forgiveness of our sins. We accepted the Lord Jesus as our personal savior and began to attend the church meeting. Ever since we turned our lives over to Jesus, our lives have changed. Thanks be to God who had mercy and grace on my family and enabled us to come into His fold.

~ Lal Mohar

District Coordinator, Ghazipur

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