Family of 25 – curses, prayer and peace

Harinder lives in Behraich district. He and his two brothers and their families live together in one small village house – 24 people in all! Recently they started to follow Jesus as Lord of their lives but had not received much Bible training. Unlike other large joint families, they enjoyed peace and harmony. All their family members got along through the love of Christ. Other villagers noticed this and became jealous. Some began to persecute them and others declared curses against them. Within a few weeks some of Harinder’s family members became oppressed by demons and others fell ill. A spirit of fear descended on the household. It can happen to anyone! One of the brothers came to know about TellAsia’s native pastor Robert and asked him to pray for his family. Pastor Robert went to the village and spent two days with the family. He taught them from the Bible until he felt that they could stand firm on their own. The demons left them and those who were sick were healed. The people who had persecuted them began to talk to them again with respect and some began to ask questions about Jesus. Today their home is the venue of a church.

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