Incredibly Healed of Cancer Through Prayer!

I have been serving as a pastor in Ghazipur district since the year 2001. When I accepted the Lord back in 2001, God gave me a great burden to start a church in Shadiyabad village for people of my community. It wasn’t easy to do what the Lord had put in my heart. There were a lot of challenges and oppositions I had to face as I ventured out into the mission field. I was quite inexperienced in the ways of the ministry till then and had to face threats too. Yet, I did not give up knowing the Lord’s mandate for establishing a church in the midst of my own community. With a lot of prayer and fasting, I proceeded to do as guided by the Holy Spirit and started a small gathering of believers in Shadiyabad village. The Lord was with me all the way, He blessed the small gathering and today, around over 50 families comprising 200 believers attend the Sunday worship service. Our Friday fasting prayers are attended by 100 to 150 believers who come with great thirst and sacrifice for a breakthrough in their lives. The Lord is doing mighty wonders in our church as we worship Him in truth and sanctity.

The Lord brought a miraculous transformation in the life of Sis. Dhanauta of Shadiyabad village who was suffering from cervical cancer. Her husband Ram Awadh took her to many doctors who performed various tests and confirmed it was cancer. But her husband did not have money for the treatment. So instead he took her to witch-doctors and tried other means to heal her but nothing worked out. Dhanauta used to scream at night due to unbearable pain and had become a nuisance to her neighbors as well.

One day, a believer who happened to know the family, went there for a visit and told them about Jesus who alone could heal her if they accepted Him as their Lord and Savior and repented of their sins. She also told them to attend church on Sundays for prayer and to meet Pastor Shailendra Kumar. But they did not want to associate with Christians and ignored her advice. Later, when Dhanauta’s condition grew worse, they decided to give the church a ‘try’ having done everything they could. They came to church on a particular Sunday, and sat at the back and watched people singing and worshiping with great enthusiasm and vigor. The pastor’s message and words from the scriptures broke their hardened hearts and they found indescribable peace pervade their being. At the altar call, Dhanauta and her husband rushed forward, began to cry for their sins and ignorance, opened up their hearts and received Jesus as their personal savior. A great peace which they had never known before entered their hearts. That night Dhanauta slept like a baby. With their ‘new found love’, they threw out all their idols and invited Jesus into their homes. Their home became a sanctified haven. Very soon, Dhanauta began experiencing major changes in her body and in due course of time, she felt she had been healed of cancer. Her husband was a little bit skeptical at first but took her to the doctor for a complete checkup. The doctors thoroughly examined her and test results were awaited. Pastor Shailendra Kumar fasted and prayed for her reports to be normal. When the results came out, they were completely normal to the amazement of the doctors. The doctors testified, only the hand of the Lord could do this!

The one who was considered a nuisance by neighbors, had now become a blessing to the whole neighborhood!

We praise God for this great miracle and for stretching His hands towards His people and saving them out of all their troubles. The Lord is transforming the lives of believers and using them to establish house churches in some of the darkest areas of the world. The Lord is raising a new generation of believers!

Report by Pastor Shailendra Kumar,

Shadiyabad, Distt. GhazipurDhanauta who was healed of Cancer Doctor's Report

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