Humanitarian Aid to Submerged Villages

There are 1500 families who live in five villages. Most of the houses were submerged by flood water and some houses also collapsed and household things were damaged.

Most of the people depend upon their agriculture products for their sustenance but many hectors of paddy fields are under water which was supposed to be harvested in a few weeks. All these crops have been destroyed. People who completely depend upon these sources are hopeless and not sure how to feed their families because for the next six months, they cannot produce any crops due to the flood water.

A team from our TellAsia Lucknow visited the flood affected villages and reached out with Flood Relief Aid Packs for distribution to the worst affected areas, 100 families and individuals were benefited. The relief materials included Rice, Legumes, Flour, Sugar, Oil, biscuits etc.

Some of the village leaders observed this small but effective relief effort which eased the    desperate situation. Village Chief Raj Kumar said, “We were thrilled to see the truck loads with Flood Relief Aid packs arrive to our villages. The people crowded around the trucks, eager to receive the relief packs. We are deeply thankful to TellAsia Ministries for this humanitarian aid which helped ease the desperate situation.”


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