Human Trafficking Visit: One Woman's Voice

Ann Tubbs of Harvest International Ministries writes:

“I’m excited to give this month’s report on Blue Haven Children’s Home.  Mark and I (Ann Tubbs) Lead mission trips all over the world, but our favorite place to come is India and our favorite leader to work with is Leanna.  She is extremely visionary and generous of heart.

“She brought our team to two sex trafficking rescue safe houses, and our hearts broke while we ministered to girls rescued from hellish circumstances.  What amazing people who risk their lives to help those who are literally captive.  I know Jesus can completely heal and restore what was lost in their lives, but I am truly grateful for Leanna’s vision to stop this travesty to begin with.

praying for girls

Ann Tubbs with the girls at the HT Victims  home in Varanasi

“This is why I’m so grateful for Blue Haven Children’s Home in Lucknow.  After seeing the damage done by the enemy in so many girls’ lives, it was exhilarating to see the joy and belonging these precious kids who were rescued before they were trafficked into the sex slave trade. Now they have a home where they are loved and cared for.  After listening to Ricky’s testimony of her own healing and adoption through a children’s home in her upbringing, she has poured her life out for these kids and staff and the presence of God permeates the whole estate!  They laugh and dance and hug so extravagantly.  You can see the love of God in their eyes. What a blessing to be a witness to preventive love and protection so we don’t have to see the pain and suffering of those rescued later in years.

“Thanks, Leanna, and Ricky, for your hearts of love!”

Not many people know the depth of need in North India in regard to the plight of children. Here’s a few shocking statistics.

45% of the people trapped in slavery today, are in India.

In the Ganges River area of North India alone:

  • 30 Million children are at-risk, orphaned, malnourished or otherwise at-risk
  • 19 Million are not going to school and most of these are enslaved to child labor.
  • 15,000 girls a year are trafficked into the hell of sex slavery every year.


Happy faces of BHCH girls, Lucknow

But with 15,000 village churches now operating all throughout this area, TellAsia is strategically poised to prevent trafficking and to free child slaves. However it costs money to grow our education programs that educate the rural people against trafficking and slavery. We still need $200K to move forward with the construction of a school and medical clinic that will eventually enable us to rescue 100 children at once. Ours is still one of only 3 known children’s homes to serve these overwhelming masses.

Please pray that the Lord will enable us to prevent abuse of children in North India and to lift the most desperate from the gutter to the stars.

~ Leanna, International Director

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