Healed Without Surgery!

Subhash lives in a village called Lohta in Varanasi district. Doctors at Banaras Hindu University (BHU) diagnosed him of having a hole in his heart and referred him to another Medical College in Lucknow. There doctors advised Subhash of an operation which would cost about $6,000. Subhash’s family had already spent huge sums of money for his treatment and now were bankrupt. So they took him to many witch doctors who exploited their situation, demanding large sums of money. However his condition became worse.

In February Pastor Vijay Pathak, one TelAsia’s full time church planters, went to visit Subhash at his home and prayed for him and for the family. His family repented of their sins and opened their hearts to Jesus, believing for a miracle to take place in their lives. Within a few weeks, Subhash’s family felt that he had been fully healed and took him to BHU for a second opinion from the doctors. The doctors performed various tests and came to the conclusion that Subhash no longer needed an operation. After this miracle Subhash’s whole family accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal savior and were baptized. Not only this, they opened their home for prayer and worship services every Sunday. Today, Subhash is happy and healthy and back to work and they have a small church in their house in which not only believers come and worship, but many seekers are also present at every service. They are happy to do the work of the Lord as a family in their village.

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