Healed through 24 Hour Prayer

Jadawati Devi was very sick and came to the point of death. She had been suffering from a serious case of asthma with blood oozing out of her mouth whenever she took a breath. Her family took her to many doctors and spent a lot of money but her health didn’t improve. Desperate, her husband took her to witch doctors but her condition only worsened. She came to the point that she didn’t want to live anymore and her suffering was so intense she was on the brink of suicide.

Just then a believer who lived nearby told her and her husband about Jesus and His healing power. Since they had tried every other way, they agreed to go to church. Pastor Rajedra invited them to come and stay at his Prayer Camp for a few days. He told them the church sets apart a few chosen people to fast and pray for those at the Prayer Camp and God answers their prayers. Both Jadawati and her husband went to the Prayer Camp. They stayed there for 15 days. They were amazed to see how people came every day and applied prayer oil and prayed for the sick round the clock, night and day. Within ten days Jadawati was totally healed. Her joy knew no bounds as she began to breathe like a normal person.

Today both of them praise God for the mighty work He has done in their lives. They are now telling others about the miracle in their lives and are leading many to Christ.

~ Maneesh Massey
Office Manager, East Region

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