Goats and Baptismal

Through TellAsia’s micro-loan program the wife of Ravishankar, one of our church planters, was able to buy some goats. This growing business now supports the family with much-needed income.

Through Ravishankar’s ministry more and more new believers were taking baptism but there was no safe and secure place to conduct the baptism. So Ravishankar’s wife sold some of the goats and they built a baptism tank behind their house away from the public eye. Now almost every week people are being baptized there.

It is such a blessing and joy to minister among the poorest of the poor in northern India, most of these house churches do not even have a plastic chair to sit on. The pastor and believers are all equal, everyone sits on the floor.

Thank you all for your prayers. My vision is to win this region for the Lord and see at least one house church in every village. This district has 2,802 villages. I know we have a long way to go but nothing is impossible with God.

Mathew 19:26. ~ By Brother Joy, trainer in Sangam Region

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