Fun at Blue Haven Children’s Home

Christmas Joy

On Christmas Eve the 32 children at Blue Haven Children’s Home participated in a doughnut-making extravaganza. In the first few batches they put too much baking soda in the dough, but nobody cared—the doughnuts were devoured anyway! Sister Ricky, Blue Haven’s director, led some fun games such as a race where the children had to balance a marble on a spoon while holding the spoon handle in their mouth.

The day before, we had bought a goat to have for dinner. It was quite an experience to watch the caterer slaughter it! That evening we had a special mutton (goat meat) dinner, and followed it with a bonfire and carol singing. Several friends had brought gifts for the children.

On Christmas Day the children put on a Christmas presentation at two churches. The congregations were deeply touched and moved by the children’s presentation of the birth of Jesus.

 A Marathon

On Dec 23rd the city of Lucknow organized a marathon for Lucknow youth. Two of our older boys from Blue Haven, Inder and Pamiso, enrolled in the marathon and came in 80th out of the 1500 who participated!

 Update on Dolma

Thank you so much for praying for Dolma who had a recurrence of tuberculosis (TB). She is doing better and gaining weight. At her last visit to the doctor the report showed that she is now negative for TB! This is a huge answer to prayer since only a few months ago she was in very serious condition. Sister Ricky’s love for Dolma was clearly evident through all this, as she spent multiple hours seeing that Dolma had the best treatment. She even learned how to give injections, going every day to the children’s home to treat Dolma.

Dolma will still need to be on medicine and undergo regular check-ups for another two years. The cost of her medicines are $350/month but will go down to $250/month soon. Please consider helping with these funds, and continue to pray for Dolma’s complete healing. To donate, designate your check to Blue Haven Children’s Home, or click here to give by credit card.

Thank you!

~ Leanna and TellAsia team

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