From Desperation to Plenty

The Techno-Missionary Project, initiated in May 2008, enabled 60 young Christian leaders to be equipped with vocational skills such as Computer Repair, Carpentry, Tailoring, Electrical Wiring, Electronics Repair, Well Drilling, Motor Mechanics, and Plumbing. Eight specialized in Computer Hardware Repair. During the training program they also received systematic Biblical studies so that they could become strong in faith to preach the Gospel.

After completion of their vocational training they returned to their home towns and villages and began to use their skills either by obtaining a job or by starting their own small business. Along with this they looked for opportunities to share the Gospel and to plant churches. All sixty students have planted at least one house church.

Before the vocational training program, these young people were trapped in poverty and enslaved to subsistence-level jobs. They were sickly due to lack of nutrition and could not afford to send their children to good schools, perpetrating the cycle of poverty. But now they are enjoying a middle-class lifestyle while also reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Recently, some of these leaders visited our local TellAsia office and offered us something from their savings as reimbursement for the skills they learned. Here is the testimony from one of these young leaders:

“My name is Anil Kumar. TellAsia enabled me to take a Computer Hardware and Network course. During this program I also received discipleship and leadership training from the Bible. After completing my course I was offered a job at a computer shop. Now I am earning $90- $100 monthly and supporting my family (This is a middle-class income in India).

I am also leading a house-based Church in the village of Pipra. Every week around 50- 60 people attend my church and receive the Word of God. The villagers didn’t know about the Lord before, but now they are putting their faith in Jesus Christ. Now I plan to provide free school tuition to the poor and needy children in my community. I am thankful to God for this privilege that by learning a skill I am now able to live a productive life for the Lord.”

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