English Language, Hope for a Brighter Future

The ability to speak English is like a ticket to a brighter future. Almost every young person in India craves the chance to learn at least conversational English, which will make them much more likely to be selected for a middle-class job. However most grow up immersed in their native language of Hindi. Even those who get to study in English-medium schools usually never actually learn to speak English because all around them they only hear Hindi being spoken. Language institutes for youth and adults are expensive and can only be afforded by the wealthy.

In answer to this need, earlier this year TellASIA launched Jyoti Spoken English Class. This ongoing language institute exists to teach English to children of pastors who labor for the Lord in remote villages. Due to lack of finances these youths would otherwise have no opportunity to learn English.

We are very grateful to our teammate Robert for sponsoring this Institute. Mrs. Anita Gnanabharam, retired from serving as Principal of a reputed English medium school, is one of the teachers. She says, “I am teaching a group of ten students here in Jyoti “English Spoken Classes”, At first  they could not speak even a single correct English sentence. But now it is very encouraging for me to see that they have begun to both speak and understand English. Their eagerness, enthusiasm and efforts are commendable and this attitude will enable them to go far. I believe if they continue to practice and use the English language, they will not only increase their vocabulary but also increase their level of confidence in different fields of life. I pray for their success and that the Lord may use their future for His purposes.”

A team of eleven students from Liberty University, Virginia spent fifteen days with the language students teaching them conversation and grammar. All were very blessed. The Liberty students spent a great deal of time with each language student, which helped them overcome their inhibitions and gain confidence in speaking.  Each day the students followed a strict time table of study: The morning sessions were taught by Mrs. Anita Gnanabharam while the afternoon and evening sessions were taught by Liberty University students and Mr. Bhupal Singh who taught them grammar.

Testimonies of some of our students:

  1. Nar Singh Kumar, Ballia District – Before coming to this Center, I did not know how to speak with other people, when to say good morning, good afternoon or good evening. But now after coming here and conversing with other students, I have come to know when to speak what. I have also learned mannerisms which are very important for life. The best thing is that I have learned to speak some English while previously I could not speak at all. I am grateful to God for providing good facilities and good teachers who are so loving and dedicated to helping us.
  2. Ritesh Kumar, Ballia District – I am very happy I have had this opportunity to learn English from such a good Institute.  I can say without any doubt, that the English education given here is the best I have ever seen. I am very impressed with all the teaching and now I can converse a little bit in English too. Previously I knew so little that I was afraid to even try to speak but now I can boldly speak with people in English. I am thankful for my teacher, Anita Madam, who teaches us with such commitment. She also teaches us not just English but other essential things in life as well.
  3. Shamsher Sharma, Varanasi District – Before coming here I tried hard to learn English on my own but was unsuccessful because I did not know even the basics of the language. After coming here I am now able to speak English a little bit. The rules and regulations of this Institute are very strict and the atmosphere is inviting.  This has very much contributed to my learning the language.
  4. Ashok Kumar, Sonebhadra District – After joining this Center, I feel I can walk on a path of success. I came to know how to address others respectfully and I have also learned how to converse in English which previously I thought I would never be able to do. We are being given excellent facilities for only a nominal fee. All our teachers are very well versed with the English language and are experts. I praise God for having chosen me to attend this course.
  5. Amresh Kumar, Sonebhadra District – When I came here I was a little bit shy as to how I would ever be able to speak in English. Due to the congenial atmosphere here, all my fears vanished and I am now able to speak and talk to others in English. Excellent facilities are being given here. All our requirements are met before we can ask for them. All the staff here take very good care of us and have great love for us. I am very proud to be a graduate of the first batch of students of this Institute.
  6. Arvind K. Keshkar, Kaushambhi District – After coming to this Center, I got to know the power and the importance of the English language and how much impact it can have in our lives. Since completing the Institute I can confidently say that the English language is our future and we cannot go very far without learning and speaking the language. After coming here I feel very happy and a sense of direction in my life. Moreover the accommodation is very good and the atmosphere is relaxed. It is a perfect place for learning a complicated language!

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