Education Gives Laxmi the Freedom of Choice

Laxmi, a 12-year-old girl from rural North India, struggled with learning to read and write. Her parents reasoned that since she was not gaining much from school, they would stop sending her. Rather, they thought she should focus on domestic chores like cooking, cleaning, and caring for her siblings.

However, last year, before the new school year, TellAsia’s Education Center teacher was visiting homes and urging families to send the children to the education center where we give free education. However since Laxmi’s initial attempts in school had not convinced her parents of the benefits of education. Her parents reasoned that the skill of homemaking would be all she needed to know once married!

Our Rural education center teacher noticed Laxmi and took Laxmi’s mother to the center and showed her that other families also sending their kids, hoping she might become interested in sending Laxmi. Finally, Laxmi’s parents decided to give their daughter’s education another chance. Many of the girl children do not get such a second chance like Laxmi. But our Rural Education teachers are always looking for such children and doing their best to rescue them from illiteracy.

Today, Laxmi and her younger brother are coming to TellAsia’s education center and have learned rapidly. When asked about her second chance, Laxmi says, “I like it here at the education center. I understand that it is education and not just housework that I will need in my future. Education is more than just textbooks – it gives me the freedom of choice. I want to study for as long as I can!”

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