Your tax deductible donation enables us to educate children and disciple families into a brighter future.

90% of every contribution goes directly to carry out the projects in the field.

TellAsia is committed to efficiency plus accountability. What we accomplish with donor funds often exceeds our goals. We maintain industry-standard accounting practices and enjoy providing regular photo-rich reports to our financial partners.

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My name is Satya. I live in Banlahi, a remote village in north India. My village is surrounded by hills and valleys. I live in a small hut made of straw, sticks and mud. My parents are poor laborers and cannot afford to send me to school. They travel several miles each day on foot to sell wood from the jungle to make a living. I never attended a school before in my life. But when TellAsia’s literacy and feeding center opened in our village, I was very happy. I no longer feel hunger pains because they feed us hot meals, and also I can now read and write.


2016 Admin + Fundraising less than 11%

One year of basic education for a child: $60

Cost per new believer: $10

Compare to:
* Cost in Africa: $100
* Cost in America: $100,000


Schools: 100% self-supporting

House-based churches: 100% self-supporting

Education centers: 60% self-supporting

Your gift is more than a donation; it’s a wise investment.

When you donate to TellAsia's educational and discipleship work you have made a worthy investment.

TellAsia Ministries is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

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