Demon Possessed to Prayer Warrior

In 2009 the Lord led my wife and I to go to north India to serve on the field. TellAsia had many new leaders coming up but due to lack of Bible teachers, these leaders had very little training. Most of them could barely read and write but had a great a desire to learn the Word of God. I started leading weekly Bible classes in three locations with 20 to 25 participants in each. Now these leaders are planting churches and we have over 40 house churches in this area.

Just before my wife and I left India for the summer, a demon possessed illiterate young girl was delivered from the demon, accepted Jesus and was baptized. When we returned to India in September we were amazed to see that now she had become a passionate evangelist and prayer warrior. Her husband Aravind who was baptized along with her had started a worship service in their home. About twenty-five to thirty people from the surrounding area now come together to worship “Prabhu Yesu” (Lord Jesus) in his small hut-like house.

This girl’s father was the Pundit of his village – the most advanced and respected Hindu priest. Seeing how Jesus had delivered his daughter from the devil’s power, this man and the entire family came to Christ. Now he also leads a gathering of about 100 people worshiping the Living God. As the group is too large to accommodate in his house, he has donated a parcel of land on which to build a church.

~ By Brother Joy

Note: Another exciting testimony from Brother Joy’s work in this region of north India will be in the next issue.

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