Delhi Theological Institute

Burma is a place of current religious oppression and warring government factions necessitating the exodus of many of the country’s residents to New Delhi. These refugees had a deep desire to learn the Word of God but could not afford the tuition that Bible colleges were charging. Delhi Theological Institute is a response to this need. Started last summer, DTI has now become a part of TellAsia and constitutes our Delhi branch.

DTI exists primarily to serve Burmese refugees living in Delhi. It provides theological classes to them free of charge along with language and cultural training to help them settle-in to Delhi and adapt to the culture. The vision of Delhi Theological Institute is to train these young people to spread the gospel message as commanded by Jesus in Mark 16:15, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

DTI students are already exercising many skills and demonstrating progress in areas like public speaking, multilinguicity, ministry, leadership and Biblical knowledge. They will graduate empowered with the life changing skills necessary to impact their community and the world for greater good. Here are some of their testimonies:

“When I started to study in DTI I only expected to learn the Word of God but DTI also helps us learn how to preach and lead. At least once every month we go to different churches in Delhi to minister. This way I am growing in boldness and now I have a strong desire to share the gospel of Christ.” ~Biak Zuk

“I didn’t know much about the Bible until I started attending DTI. I really enjoy studying here and it is a privilege for all of us that we can study God’s Word even though we have no money to pay for tuition. I look forward to learning more how to serve the Lord. If it is God’s will then I will be happy to proclaim His message of love in the days to come.” ~Ywa Hay Tha

Please pray for DTI, the Burmese refugees of Delhi and the sponsorship necessary to carry on the school.


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