Cleanliness is Next to Godliness!

India’s biggest cleanliness drive – Swachh Bharat Mission (Clean India Mission) has triggered a nationwide excitement of activity to improve sanitation and cleanliness in the country, which is the ambitious aim of the mega campaign to achieve 100% open defecation free status by 2019. Till now more than forty million toilets have been built, five states, around four hundred thousand villages and 203 districts have gained Open Defecation Free (ODF) certification. October 2nd which is also marked, as the National Cleanliness Day in the country will hit another milestone. The day will mark the end to another big initiative leading up to October 2nd – ‘Cleanliness is Service’ which was initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a bid to boost Swachh Bharat mission’s effort across the country and celebrate Gandhi Memorial Day (Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi) as Clean Gandhi Memorial Day.

It is expected that on October 2 many states, cities, villages, districts and blocks will achieve the mammoth task of eliminating open defecation and take India closer to the Clean India Mission’s goal of an ODF India by October 2, 2019.

In line with Prime Minister Modi’s initiative, TellAsia’s staff in Varanasi region took out a Cleanliness Awareness Campaign on October 2, 2017. The public awareness team along with TellAsia staff did four outreaches in villages located in two sub-districts of Varanasi. In order to create an excitement in the villages, we used two vehicles for the outreach, one for transportation and the other for carrying our public addressing system using 5 ft. high speakers and microphones. Both men and women came out of their homes to witness the skits and songs done by our awareness team in four villages namely Tiwaripur, Gosaipur, Parjanpur and concluded at Kaparphorwa.

The Clean India Mission has become a ‘Public Mission’ receiving tremendous support from the people. Citizens too had turned out in large numbers and pledged for a neat and cleaner India by taking out brooms to sweep the streets and their surroundings and maintaining a hygienic environment. People have started to take an active part in the mission and helping spread the message of ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’.

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